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Team Records

Most Goals in 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1New York Rangers25910
2Montreal Canadiens35710
3Detroit Red Wings327310
4Vancouver Canucks415810Game Direct Link
5Chicago Blackhawks434410Game Direct Link
6Canadiens de Montreal129
7Montreal Canadiens2239
8Philadelphie Flyers2449
9Philadelphie Flyers22809
10Colorado Avalanche26709
Most Goals in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Chicago Blackhawks4330
2Montreal Canadiens3323
3Philadelphie Flyers2317
4Detroit Red Wings3317
5Boston Bruins4317
6Montreal Canadiens2308
7St-Louis Blues3306
8Philadelphie Flyers3305
9New York Rangers2304
10Pittsburgh Penguins2304
Less Goal in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Chicago Blackhawks395
2Blackhawks de Chicago1176
3Jets de Winnipeg1200
4Avalanche du Colorado1201
5New York Rangers3205
6Capitals de Washington1206
7Rangers de New York1207
8Sharks de San José1213
9Bruins de Boston1214
10Blues de St-Louis1217
Most Goals Against in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1St-Louis Blues4332
2Detroit Red Wings4324
3Chicago Blackhawks3315
4Colorado Avalanche4315
5Carolina Hurricanes4315
6New York Rangers3314
7Toronto Maple Leafs4308
8Chicago Blackhawks2306
9Los Angeles Kings2302
10San Jose Sharks3301
Less Goal Against in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Islanders de New York1201
2Maple Leafs de Toronto1205
3Blues de St-Louis1205
4Canucks de Vancouver1207
5Bruins de Boston1209
6Avalanche du Colorado1214
7Flyers de Philadelphie1217
8Red Wings de Detroit1218
9Canadiens de Montreal1231
10Rangers de New York1237
Most Assists in 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Canadiens de Montreal1217
2Edmonton Oilers348017
3Philadelphie Flyers354417
4Chicago Blackhawks434417Game Direct Link
5Maple Leafs de Toronto1516
6Montreal Canadiens22316
7Philadelphie Flyers24416
8Pittsburgh Penguins256116
9Vancouver Canucks415816Game Direct Link
10Carolina Hurricanes418016Game Direct Link
Most Assists in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Montreal Canadiens3546
2Montreal Canadiens4539
3Chicago Blackhawks4537
4Philadelphie Flyers2535
5Detroit Red Wings3522
6Boston Bruins4517
7New York Islanders3510
8Boston Bruins3505
9St-Louis Blues3505
10Montreal Canadiens2504
Less Assist in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Chicago Blackhawks3156
2Blackhawks de Chicago1292
3Jets de Winnipeg1307
4Avalanche du Colorado1315
5Capitals de Washington1332
6Kings de Los Angeles1340
7Sharks de San José1342
8Rangers de New York1343
9Blues de St-Louis1343
10Bruins de Boston1350
Most Game Points in 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Chicago Blackhawks434427Game Direct Link
2Canadiens de Montreal1226
3Edmonton Oilers348026
4Philadelphie Flyers354426
5Vancouver Canucks415826Game Direct Link
6Montreal Canadiens22325
7Philadelphie Flyers24425
8Detroit Red Wings327325
9Carolina Hurricanes418025Game Direct Link
10Edmonton Oilers462725Game Direct Link
Most Game Points in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Montreal Canadiens3869
2Chicago Blackhawks4867
3Montreal Canadiens4853
4Philadelphie Flyers2852
5Detroit Red Wings3839
6Boston Bruins4834
7Montreal Canadiens2812
8St-Louis Blues3811
9Boston Bruins3804
10Pittsburgh Penguins2802
Less Game Points in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Chicago Blackhawks3251
2Blackhawks de Chicago1468
3Jets de Winnipeg1507
4Avalanche du Colorado1516
5Capitals de Washington1538
6Rangers de New York1550
7Sharks de San José1555
8Blues de St-Louis1560
9Bruins de Boston1564
10Red Wings de Detroit1603
Most Shots In 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1New York Islanders217149
2Winnipeg Jets342749
3Philadelphie Flyers23248
4Philadelphie Flyers221248
5Edmonton Oilers221548
6Philadelphie Flyers225748
7Detroit Red Wings239848
8New York Rangers32648
9Edmonton Oilers462748Game Direct Link
10Montreal Canadiens23647
Most Shots In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Philadelphie Flyers22941
2Colorado Avalanche22933
3Vancouver Canucks22904
4New York Islanders22874
5Pittsburgh Penguins22870
6New York Rangers22867
7Montreal Canadiens22811
8Toronto Maple Leafs22811
9Detroit Red Wings22734
10Chicago Blackhawks22648
Less Shots In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Chicago Blackhawks31674
2Capitals de Washington12054
3Avalanche du Colorado12089
4Washington Capitals42128
5Flames de Calgary12185
6Bruins de Boston12198
7Sharks de San José12262
8Blues de St-Louis12265
9Blackhawks de Chicago12296
10Red Wings de Detroit12421
Most Shots Blocked In 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Washington Capitals219027
2Pittsburgh Penguins213926
3Boston Bruins24124
4Detroit Red Wings367424
5Carolina Hurricanes462724Game Direct Link
6Flyers de Philadelphie111823
7Flyers de Philadelphie119423
8Sharks de San José143923
9Los Angeles Kings225023
10Philadelphie Flyers244423
Most Shots Blocked In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Vancouver Canucks2946
2Detroit Red Wings3930
3Boston Bruins2929
4Washington Capitals2929
5Pittsburgh Penguins2921
6Winnipeg Jets2920
7Philadelphie Flyers2915
8Toronto Maple Leafs2909
9Detroit Red Wings2905
10Montreal Canadiens2898
Less Shots Block In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Bruins de Boston1652
2Oilers d'Edmonton1749
3Flames de Calgary1750
4Calgary Flames4751
5Maple Leafs de Toronto1754
6Blackhawks de Chicago1759
7Red Wings de Detroit1759
8Blues de St-Louis1759
9Rangers de New York1802
10Canadiens de Montreal1804
Most Shots Against In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Philadelphie Flyers22823
2Vancouver Canucks22822
3New York Rangers22817
4Detroit Red Wings22782
5Montreal Canadiens22781
6Chicago Blackhawks22765
7Boston Bruins22708
8Canucks de Vancouver12472
9Jets de Winnipeg12443
10Islanders de New York12438
Less Shots Against In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Sharks de San José12266
2Bruins de Boston12282
3Oilers d'Edmonton12300
4Avalanche du Colorado12351
5Maple Leafs de Toronto12352
6Blackhawks de Chicago12357
7Red Wings de Detroit12357
8Flyers de Philadelphie12397
9Canadiens de Montreal12398
10Rangers de New York12400
Most Pim In 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Canucks de Vancouver12477
2Flames de Calgary12467
3Pittsburgh Penguins351165
4Sharks de San José155360
5Edmonton Oilers422260Game Direct Link
6Bruins de Boston119552
7Canucks de Vancouver141150
8Islanders de New York147849
9Los Angeles Kings364848
10Flames de Calgary1447
Most Pim In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Sharks de San José11501
2Kings de Los Angeles11460
3Flames de Calgary11412
4Rangers de New York11326
5Jets de Winnipeg11216
6Oilers d'Edmonton11205
7Avalanche du Colorado11164
8Penguins de Pittsburgh11162
9Bruins de Boston11119
10Blackhawks de Chicago11117
Less Pim In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Chicago Blackhawks4367
2St-Louis Blues3400
3Vancouver Canucks2411
4Toronto Maple Leafs3416
5Calgary Flames4435
6Vancouver Canucks3440
7St-Louis Blues2443
8Boston Bruins3443
9Philadelphie Flyers3484
10Toronto Maple Leafs2506
Most Hits In 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Philadelphie Flyers45743Game Direct Link
2Winnipeg Jets242840
3Boston Bruins328740
4Detroit Red Wings337939
5Vancouver Canucks358938
6San Jose Sharks335837
7Edmonton Oilers472637Game Direct Link
8Canucks de Vancouver146136
9Los Angeles Kings224636
10Philadelphie Flyers34836
Most Hits In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Vancouver Canucks31743
2Boston Bruins31732
3Oilers d'Edmonton11685
4Chicago Blackhawks41663
5Boston Bruins41658
6Red Wings de Detroit11652
7New York Islanders31652
8Rangers de New York11629
9New York Rangers21624
10Edmonton Oilers21616
Less Hit In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Avalanche du Colorado11278
2Capitals de Washington11303
3Toronto Maple Leafs31339
4San Jose Sharks21350
5St-Louis Blues21361
6Chicago Blackhawks31417
7Flames de Calgary11443
8Calgary Flames21465
9Colorado Avalanche21471
10Philadelphie Flyers21474
Most Empty Net Goal In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Boston Bruins39
2Carolina Hurricanes47
3Pittsburgh Penguins36
4Jets de Winnipeg14
5Detroit Red Wings24
6New York Rangers24
7Calgary Flames24
8Edmonton Oilers24
9Red Wings de Detroit13
10Maple Leafs de Toronto13
Best PP In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Edmonton Oilers425,00%
2Calgary Flames324,10%
3New York Rangers323,60%
4Detroit Red Wings323,40%
5Toronto Maple Leafs423,40%
6Los Angeles Kings323,30%
7Flyers de Philadelphie122,90%
8Philadelphie Flyers322,00%
9Bruins de Boston121,90%
10Philadelphie Flyers221,80%
Best PK In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1St-Louis Blues287,80%
2Philadelphie Flyers386,60%
3Bruins de Boston186,30%
4Edmonton Oilers284,80%
5Calgary Flames484,70%
6Boston Bruins384,30%
7Canucks de Vancouver184,10%
8Philadelphie Flyers283,90%
9New York Islanders283,80%
10Islanders de New York183,50%
Worse PP In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Chicago Blackhawks312,40%
2Colorado Avalanche313,50%
3Calgary Flames214,50%
4Los Angeles Kings415,00%
5Los Angeles Kings215,10%
6Oilers d'Edmonton115,40%
7Flames de Calgary115,60%
8Vancouver Canucks215,70%
9Red Wings de Detroit115,80%
10Edmonton Oilers216,00%
Worse PK In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Detroit Red Wings275,10%
2Vancouver Canucks276,60%
3Winnipeg Jets376,60%
4Boston Bruins476,70%
5Carolina Hurricanes476,70%
6Detroit Red Wings477,00%
7San Jose Sharks377,50%
8Detroit Red Wings377,70%
9Pittsburgh Penguins378,00%
10Montreal Canadiens378,30%
Most Win In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1St-Louis Blues354
2Philadelphie Flyers351
3Chicago Blackhawks451
4New York Islanders451
5Islanders de New York150
6Canucks de Vancouver150
7Boston Bruins350
8Montreal Canadiens350
9Flyers de Philadelphie149
10Toronto Maple Leafs249
Less Win In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Chicago Blackhawks37
2New York Rangers322
3St-Louis Blues428
4Chicago Blackhawks229
5Blackhawks de Chicago130
6San Jose Sharks331
7Rangers de New York132
8Kings de Los Angeles134
9San Jose Sharks234
10Capitals de Washington135
Most Lost In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Chicago Blackhawks375
2New York Rangers360
3St-Louis Blues454
4Chicago Blackhawks253
5Blackhawks de Chicago152
6San Jose Sharks351
7Rangers de New York150
8Kings de Los Angeles148
9San Jose Sharks248
10Capitals de Washington147
Less Lost In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1St-Louis Blues328
2Philadelphie Flyers331
3Chicago Blackhawks431
4New York Islanders431
5Islanders de New York132
6Canucks de Vancouver132
7Boston Bruins332
8Montreal Canadiens332
9Flyers de Philadelphie133
10Toronto Maple Leafs233
Most Points In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1St-Louis Blues3112
2Flyers de Philadelphie1110
3Montreal Canadiens3109
4Philadelphie Flyers3109
5Chicago Blackhawks4109
6Canucks de Vancouver1106
7Islanders de New York1105
8Pittsburgh Penguins2105
9Maple Leafs de Toronto1104
10Toronto Maple Leafs2103
Less Points In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Chicago Blackhawks320
2New York Rangers351
3St-Louis Blues464
4Chicago Blackhawks265
5Blackhawks de Chicago169
6Rangers de New York173
7San Jose Sharks275
8Boston Bruins277
9Edmonton Oilers278
10Capitals de Washington180
Most Win Home In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Canucks de Vancouver125
2Colorado Avalanche225
3Boston Bruins324
4Boston Bruins424
5Edmonton Oilers323
6New York Rangers222
7Toronto Maple Leafs222
8Pittsburgh Penguins222
9Philadelphie Flyers221
10Detroit Red Wings220
Team Most Win Visitor In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Maple Leafs de Toronto126
2Toronto Maple Leafs223
3Montreal Canadiens323
4Red Wings de Detroit122
5Penguins de Pittsburgh122
6Boston Bruins322
7Bruins de Boston121
8New York Rangers219
9Flyers de Philadelphie118
10Rangers de New York117

Players Records

Most Ice Time In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Luke SchennBoston Bruins343033:03
2Cody FransonBlues de St-Louis166432:57
3Duncan KeithVancouver Canucks328332:57
4Duncan KeithDetroit Red Wings24832:54
5Torey KrugToronto Maple Leafs446232:42Game Direct Link
6Dennis SeidenbergMaple Leafs de Toronto134432:29
7Jonas BrodinDetroit Red Wings28232:27
8PK SubbanEdmonton Oilers42532:26Game Direct Link
9Duncan KeithDetroit Red Wings221632:09
10Willie MitchellDetroit Red Wings221632:09
Most Ice Time In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Kristopher LetangVancouver Canucks42152
2Victor HedmanNew York Rangers42126
3Alex GoligoskiCalgary Flames42121
4Alex PietrangeloWashington Capitals32106
5Shea WeberSt-Louis Blues32055
6Jared SpurgeonWinnipeg Jets32038
7Slava VoynovLos Angeles Kings32025
8Justin FaulkBoston Bruins42016
9Oliver Ekman-LarssonChicago Blackhawks22005
10Dion PhaneufNew York Islanders22003
Most Goals In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Gabriel LandeskogNew York Rangers41405Game Direct Link
2Brad MarchandWinnipeg Jets43085Game Direct Link
3John TavaresKings de Los Angeles11454
4Ilya KovalchukRed Wings de Detroit13564
5Brandon SaadColorado Avalanche21054
6Martin St. LouisBoston Bruins26734
7Tyler SeguinMontreal Canadiens26764
8Matt DucheneBoston Bruins31004
9Martin St. LouisBoston Bruins31294
10Patrice BergeronToronto Maple Leafs31444
Most Goals In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Martin St. LouisBoston Bruins357
2Tyler SeguinMontreal Canadiens255
3Artemi PanarinCarolina Hurricanes453
4Steven StamkosDetroit Red Wings351
5Patrice BergeronToronto Maple Leafs350
6Sidney CrosbySt-Louis Blues450
7Patrice BergeronToronto Maple Leafs247
8Adam HenriqueDetroit Red Wings347
9Evgeni MalkinSt-Louis Blues346
10Gabriel LandeskogNew York Rangers245
Most Assists In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Ryan Nugent-HopkinsWinnipeg Jets43086Game Direct Link
2Erik KarlssonSan Jose Sharks22385
3Brendan GallagherDetroit Red Wings32735
4Jakub VoracekWashington Capitals32905
5Nazem KadriNew York Rangers33975
6Evgeny KuznetsovChicago Blackhawks43445Game Direct Link
7Alexander WennbergCalgary Flames44415Game Direct Link
8Thomas VanekCanadiens de Montreal124
9Nicklas BackstromMaple Leafs de Toronto154
10Phil KesselBlackhawks de Chicago174
Most Assists In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Evgeny KuznetsovChicago Blackhawks474
2Ryan Nugent-HopkinsNew York Rangers270
3Jack EichelNew York Rangers470
4PK SubbanEdmonton Oilers469
5Matt DucheneBoston Bruins467
6Erik KarlssonSan Jose Sharks366
7Evgeni MalkinSt-Louis Blues366
8Kristopher LetangPhiladelphie Flyers265
9Jason SpezzaMontreal Canadiens265
10Sidney CrosbyWashington Capitals264
Most Points In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Thomas VanekCanadiens de Montreal126
2Matt DucheneBoston Bruins31006
3Steven StamkosDetroit Red Wings32276
4Brendan GallagherDetroit Red Wings32736
5Patrice BergeronToronto Maple Leafs35646
6Brad MarchandWinnipeg Jets43086Game Direct Link
7Ryan Nugent-HopkinsWinnipeg Jets43086Game Direct Link
8Evgeny KuznetsovChicago Blackhawks43446Game Direct Link
9Matt DucheneBoston Bruins45156Game Direct Link
10Sidney CrosbySt-Louis Blues46176Game Direct Link
Most Points In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Martin St. LouisBoston Bruins3121
2Jack EichelNew York Rangers4120
3Evgeny KuznetsovChicago Blackhawks4119
4Tyler SeguinMontreal Canadiens2114
5Evgeni MalkinSt-Louis Blues3112
6Patrick KaneCalgary Flames4112
7Steven StamkosDetroit Red Wings3111
8Matt DucheneBoston Bruins4111
9Ryan Nugent-HopkinsNew York Rangers2109
10Adam HenriqueDetroit Red Wings3105
Most Shots In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Steven StamkosRed Wings de Detroit163615
2Matt DucheneBoston Bruins446615Game Direct Link
3Alexander OvechkinIslanders de New York19914
4Thomas VanekCanadiens de Montreal111213
5Pavel DatsyukBlues de St-Louis161213
6Vladimir TarasenkoColorado Avalanche340613
7Artemi PanarinCarolina Hurricanes434513Game Direct Link
8Jack EichelNew York Rangers451613Game Direct Link
9Taylor HallCapitals de Washington153912
10Mikko KoivuEdmonton Oilers214412
Most Shots In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Martin St. LouisBoston Bruins3428
2Steven StamkosDetroit Red Wings2413
3Alexander OvechkinNew York Islanders2388
4Mikko KoivuEdmonton Oilers4387
5Vladimir TarasenkoColorado Avalanche3381
6Patrick KaneCalgary Flames4381
7Sidney CrosbySt-Louis Blues4368
8Logan CoutureEdmonton Oilers2364
9Alexander OvechkinIslanders de New York1362
10Phil KesselChicago Blackhawks2360
Most Shots Blocked In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Jay BouwmeesterWinnipeg Jets25209
2Dougie HamiltonNew York Rangers33119
3Ryan McDonaghOilers d'Edmonton11538
4Dennis SeidenbergMaple Leafs de Toronto13448
5Roman JosiChicago Blackhawks378
6Matt CarleVancouver Canucks34788
7Roman JosiChicago Blackhawks35498
8Adam LarssonMontreal Canadiens44398Game Direct Link
9Niklas KronwallNew York Islanders47128Game Direct Link
10Francois BeaucheminOilers d'Edmonton1597
Most Shots Blocked In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Roman JosiChicago Blackhawks3140
2Francois BeaucheminEdmonton Oilers2136
3Shea WeberSt-Louis Blues3131
4Duncan KeithVancouver Canucks2129
5Braydon CoburnSt-Louis Blues2127
6Dion PhaneufNew York Islanders2127
7Ryan SuterNew York Islanders2127
8Johnny BoychukVancouver Canucks2124
9Francois BeaucheminOilers d'Edmonton1123
10Dan GirardiWashington Capitals2119
Most Plus Minus In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Artem AnisimovMontreal Canadiens44257Game Direct Link
2Drew DougthyMontreal Canadiens3576
3Carl GunnarssonMontreal Canadiens3576
4Kevin KleinDetroit Red Wings32736
5Alec MartinezDetroit Red Wings32736
6Zdeno CharaToronto Maple Leafs35646
7Dennis SeidenbergToronto Maple Leafs35646
8Kristopher LetangVancouver Canucks41586Game Direct Link
9Johnny OduyaVancouver Canucks41586Game Direct Link
10Jamie BennLos Angeles Kings43076Game Direct Link
Most Plus Minus In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Mats ZuccarelloMontreal Canadiens243
2Nick SpalingNew York Islanders337
3Ladislav SmidToronto Maple Leafs235
4Mats ZuccarelloMontreal Canadiens335
5Carl GunnarssonMontreal Canadiens333
6Jarome IginlaPittsburgh Penguins333
7Roman PolakDetroit Red Wings333
8Scott HartnellPittsburgh Penguins331
9Cody EakinPittsburgh Penguins329
10Drew DougthyMontreal Canadiens328
Worse Plus Minus In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Alex GoligoskiCalgary Flames4180-7Game Direct Link
2John CarlsonColorado Avalanche223-6
3Claude GirouxColorado Avalanche223-6
4Ondrej PalatColorado Avalanche223-6
5Brandon SaadColorado Avalanche223-6
6Dennis WidemanColorado Avalanche223-6
7Brenden DillonSan Jose Sharks357-6
8David LegwandSan Jose Sharks357-6
9Jeff PetrySan Jose Sharks3150-6
10Dougie HamiltonNew York Rangers3208-6
Worse Plus Minus In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Jonathan DrouinChicago Blackhawks3-72
2Cody CeciChicago Blackhawks3-71
3Evgeny KuznetsovChicago Blackhawks3-71
4Dougie HamiltonNew York Rangers3-62
5Valeri NichushkinChicago Blackhawks3-55
6Jordie BennChicago Blackhawks3-51
7PK SubbanEdmonton Oilers2-47
8Roman JosiChicago Blackhawks3-46
9Erik GudbransonChicago Blackhawks3-41
10Jimmy HayesChicago Blackhawks3-38
Most Pim In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Troy BrouwerEdmonton Oilers218239
2Adam LowryWashington Capitals415734Game Direct Link
3John ErskineFlames de Calgary1429
4Eric BrewerPhiladelphie Flyers228029
5Jonathan HuberdeauWashington Capitals466629Game Direct Link
6Milan MichalekCanadiens de Montreal1227
7Daniel AlfredssonSharks de San José12227
8Sheldon SouraySharks de San José111427
9Justin FaulkBruins de Boston119527
10Andrew LaddSharks de San José120627
Most Pim In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Wayne SimmondsKings de Los Angeles1278
2Zdeno CharaFlames de Calgary1263
3Evander KaneAvalanche du Colorado1241
4Scott HartnellRangers de New York1232
5David BackesEdmonton Oilers3231
6Corey PerryCanucks de Vancouver1228
7Jay HarrisonBlackhawks de Chicago1226
8Lars EllerBruins de Boston1212
9Braydon CoburnBlues de St-Louis1207
10Ryane CloweRangers de New York1197
Most Hits In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Cody FransonSt-Louis Blues31529
2Dennis SeidenbergToronto Maple Leafs33259
3Evander KaneColorado Avalanche43559Game Direct Link
4Jonathan ToewsPittsburgh Penguins44959Game Direct Link
5Adam McQuaidPhiladelphie Flyers47249Game Direct Link
6Jay HarrisonBlackhawks de Chicago1808
7Jay HarrisonBlackhawks de Chicago11658
8Dion PhaneufIslanders de New York12558
9Jiri TlustyCapitals de Washington13688
10Alexandre BurrowsFlames de Calgary15768
Most Hits In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Oliver Ekman-LarssonChicago Blackhawks4270
2Cody FransonSt-Louis Blues3235
3Shea WeberSt-Louis Blues3225
4Dustin ByfuglienVancouver Canucks2224
5Jeff CarterVancouver Canucks3223
6Dion PhaneufNew York Islanders2214
7Dustin ByfuglienVancouver Canucks3213
8David BackesEdmonton Oilers2210
9Brandon DubinskyChicago Blackhawks2208
10Justin AbdelkaderCalgary Flames3203
Most Empty Net Goal In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Steve OttRed Wings de Detroit13
2Drew MillerSt-Louis Blues33
3Martin St. LouisBoston Bruins33
4Patrice BergeronMaple Leafs de Toronto12
5Ryan CallahanIslanders de New York12
6Eric StaalCapitals de Washington12
7Brandon DubinskyChicago Blackhawks22
8Keith AulieJets de Winnipeg11
9Johnny BoychukFlames de Calgary11
10Mike CammalleriCanucks de Vancouver11
Most Hat Trick In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Tyler SeguinMontreal Canadiens24
2Patrice BergeronToronto Maple Leafs34
3Steven StamkosDetroit Red Wings34
4Ryan Nugent-HopkinsNew York Rangers23
5Jeff CarterChicago Blackhawks43
6Marcus JohanssonFlyers de Philadelphie12
7Zach ParisePenguins de Pittsburgh12
8Martin St.LouisBruins de Boston12
9Dustin BrownEdmonton Oilers22
10Johan FranzenSt-Louis Blues22
Best Faceoff in 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Antoine VermetteWashington Capitals457,40%
2Mikko KoivuEdmonton Oilers357,00%
3Claude GirouxColorado Avalanche356,60%
4Ryan KeslerLos Angeles Kings356,60%
5Anze KopitarSt-Louis Blues356,10%
6Claude GirouxColorado Avalanche456,10%
7Mikko KoivuOilers d'Edmonton155,50%
8Tomas PlekanecBruins de Boston155,40%
9Patrice BergeronToronto Maple Leafs355,20%
10Jarret StollEdmonton Oilers255,10%

Goalies Records

Shutout In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Henrik LundqvistVancouver Canucks36
2Cory SchneiderEdmonton Oilers36
3Kari LehtonenCapitals de Washington14
4Jaroslav HalakLos Angeles Kings34
5Jonathan QuickBoston Bruins34
6Pekka RinneMontreal Canadiens34
7Sergei BobrovskyBlues de St-Louis13
8Ilya BryzgalovFlyers de Philadelphie13
9Antti NiemiSharks de San José13
10Pekka RinneCanadiens de Montreal13
Shots Received In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Roberto LuongoDetroit Red Wings22627
2Marc-André FleuryNew York Islanders22605
3Kari LehtonenWashington Capitals22597
4Braden HoltbyChicago Blackhawks42557
5Ben BishopWashington Capitals42553
6Semyon VarlamovPhiladelphie Flyers32448
7Tuukka RaskToronto Maple Leafs22434
8Pekka RinneMontreal Canadiens32419
9Craig AndersonNew York Rangers22417
10Kari LehtonenCapitals de Washington12408
Win In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Ben BishopSt-Louis Blues354
2Semyon VarlamovPhiladelphie Flyers351
3Braden HoltbyChicago Blackhawks451
4Jonathan QuickBoston Bruins350
5Marc-Andre FleuryIslanders de New York149
6Pekka RinneMontreal Canadiens349
7Henrik LundqvistCanucks de Vancouver148
8Tuukka RaskToronto Maple Leafs246
9Ilya BryzgalovFlyers de Philadelphie145
10Sergei BobrovskyBlues de St-Louis144
Lost In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Braden HoltbyChicago Blackhawks345
2Kari LehtonenWashington Capitals239
3Jaroslav HalakLos Angeles Kings338
4Kari LehtonenCapitals de Washington137
5Antti NiemiSan Jose Sharks237
6Craig AndersonRangers de New York136
7Corey CrawfordJets de Winnipeg135
8Roberto LuongoDetroit Red Wings235
9Antti NiemiSharks de San José132
10Pekka RinneCanadiens de Montreal129

Game Records

Most Goals
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Carolina HurricanesEdmonton Oilers462717Game Direct Link
2St-Louis BluesPhiladelphie Flyers445616Game Direct Link
3Detroit Red WingsCalgary Flames49615Game Direct Link
4Boston BruinsColorado Avalanche445415Game Direct Link
5Montreal CanadiensNew York Rangers228414
6St-Louis BluesPhiladelphie Flyers263214
7Colorado AvalancheDetroit Red Wings454314Game Direct Link
8Colorado AvalancheLos Angeles Kings464114Game Direct Link
9Oilers d'EdmontonBlues de St-Louis166413
10Philadelphie FlyersLos Angeles Kings24413
Most Assists
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1St-Louis BluesPhiladelphie Flyers445627Game Direct Link
2Carolina HurricanesEdmonton Oilers462726Game Direct Link
3Detroit Red WingsCalgary Flames49625Game Direct Link
4Boston BruinsColorado Avalanche445425Game Direct Link
5Calgary FlamesPittsburgh Penguins256124
6St-Louis BluesMontreal Canadiens358424
7New York RangersNew York Islanders414024Game Direct Link
8Philadelphie FlyersPittsburgh Penguins420424Game Direct Link
9Winnipeg JetsBoston Bruins27223
10Montreal CanadiensNew York Rangers228423
Most Points
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1St-Louis BluesPhiladelphie Flyers445643Game Direct Link
2Carolina HurricanesEdmonton Oilers462743Game Direct Link
3Detroit Red WingsCalgary Flames49640Game Direct Link
4Boston BruinsColorado Avalanche445440Game Direct Link
5Montreal CanadiensNew York Rangers228437
6Calgary FlamesPittsburgh Penguins256137
7St-Louis BluesMontreal Canadiens358437
8New York RangersNew York Islanders414037Game Direct Link
9Colorado AvalancheDetroit Red Wings454337Game Direct Link
10Philadelphie FlyersNew York Islanders230036
Most Shots
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Toronto Maple LeafsColorado Avalanche26191
2Vancouver CanucksMontreal Canadiens23690
3New York RangersNew York Islanders32689
4Winnipeg JetsPittsburgh Penguins412488Game Direct Link
5Winnipeg JetsPhiladelphie Flyers264787
6Boston BruinsDetroit Red Wings416787Game Direct Link
7Detroit Red WingsPhiladelphie Flyers239886
8Montreal CanadiensEdmonton Oilers427486Game Direct Link
9New York RangersPhiladelphie Flyers223785
10Detroit Red WingsToronto Maple Leafs248885
Most Pim
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Flames de CalgaryCanucks de Vancouver124144
2Calgary FlamesPittsburgh Penguins351196
3Los Angeles KingsEdmonton Oilers422290Game Direct Link
4Islanders de New YorkPenguins de Pittsburgh147888
5Sharks de San JoséKings de Los Angeles155388
6Canucks de VancouverSharks de San José141184
7Edmonton OilersLos Angeles Kings230682
8Sharks de San JoséRangers de New York120678
9Islanders de New YorkBruins de Boston162678
10Sharks de San JoséKings de Los Angeles1176
Most Hits
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Montreal CanadiensLos Angeles Kings355263
2New York RangersEdmonton Oilers410461Game Direct Link
3New York IslandersSt-Louis Blues424561Game Direct Link
4Washington CapitalsMontreal Canadiens324660
5Pittsburgh PenguinsVancouver Canucks340460
6Vancouver CanucksWashington Capitals358960
7Rangers de New YorkRed Wings de Detroit141259
8San Jose SharksBoston Bruins39159
9Vancouver CanucksPittsburgh Penguins339459
10Washington CapitalsLos Angeles Kings420559Game Direct Link